Monday, 13 August 2012

Hot Summer in CA

I spent some time fiddling with my blog settings so the photos will be bigger without the reader having to click on them to enlarge them.

Ever since my boyfriend started saying he wanted to move out of state, I started to think of all the things I'd miss about California.  I've lived in CA since 1969. I've started obsessing over palm trees, taking photos of them whenever I get the chance. I love the way this one came out and these trees are right across the street from me.  I've walked by them 100's of times and yet, here was a photo opportunity I never noticed before. I had my camera in hand, waiting for my grandson to show up.  I got bored and thought to myself, "self, I bet you could find something interesting to photograph without leaving this spot."

So I would encourage all of you shutterbugs out there to remember to look in your own backyard for photo opportunities.

And even as I type this I notice a cool photo opportunity. I realized how interesting the bottle of ice on my desk looked.  The ice is melting away in little spikes.  Let me download the photos and see how they came out.

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